April 23, 2018

Md Habibullah is best education entrepreneur

Muhammad Habibullah is a Bangladeshi education entrepreneur. He founded the “Desher Tore Amra” voluntary social. It is an organization that helps people to bring back people from wrong, drug and bad things and work in the welfare of the society and provide financial help to the helpless-poor people. He wrote literature and religious articles in different national newspapers of Bangladesh. Muhammad Habibullah discussed various topics related to technology and education.

Born and Dynasty Identity:
Muhammad Habibullah was born on 5 June, 1998 in a conservative Muslim family of Bauphal upazila of Patuakhali district of Barisal Division of Bangladesh. His father's name is Mawlanna Mohammad Yunus and mother's name is Johara Begum. His father's profession was a teacher of a madrasa and mother is a house waif.

Education & Profession:
Muhammad Habibullah studied from class one to secondary education (Dakhil) in Purba Bhaila Islamia Dakhil Madrasah and passed the first division. In addition to the general education of madrasa as well as in 2009, for achieving profound proficiency in Islamic affairs, the best scholar of the sub-continent of Bengal was admitted to Jamat-e-Daham (Mizan) in Sarsina Darussunnat Jamia-e Nesaria Dinia. He studied up to Sarsina Darussunnat Jamia-e Nesaria Dinia Jamate Mishkat. In 2015, he was admitted to Bachelor of Arts (Bachelor of Ars) from Bangla Literature in Government Brojmohan (B.M) College, Barisal for a Bachelor Degree. Alongside, He studied at Fazil (Pass) under the Arabic University, Bangladesh. He has a diploma on journalism from the press institute of Bangladesh (PIB).

Muhammad Habibullah worked in education, literature and technology. He is Assistant Editor of Bangladesh's popular online news media Times 71 BD. Besides, the popular monthly literary journal Udjeebon is in charge of the divisional editor. He established a library named Mataba-e Mohammadia in his personal finances and efforts. This library has religious, literary, history and books of various texts. In 2017, he established a voluntary social organization called the “Desher Tore Amra”.

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